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International Summit on Psychedelic Therapies for Mental Illness Testimonials 2021

“Your Conference-Summit is easily the most exciting event in Medicine I’ve attended since the Mind, Immunity and Health Conferences finished in 1999 which changed my life and the lives of many others. Those conferences had mega stars in the Mindbody world just like yours from overseas and so many health professionals and teachers attended. Your and Peter’s work is clearly of that magnitude and impact. And the amount of work which has gone into it is clearly enormous. Incredibly fantastic presentations, workshops, films, everything!!!

I’ve been steeped in deep Psychotherapy and healing for the last 30 years, and had no idea about this field of knowledge except the cliches. My lack of hope in the current world situation was actually making me profoundly sick. I now have real hope! A new hope, that miraculous substances exist in nature which have the potential to save the planet and humanity. Now THAT is worth getting excited about!”
Dr Ruth Gawler, GP Health Educator, VIC

“Never have I attended a conference with such a wealth of knowledge, coupled with wisdom and respect for other cultures and across disciplines. Never have I been so keen to hear about research trials! The calibre of humans leading through and with Mind Medicine is extraordinary. I look forward to being a more active member of this community. Thank you so much for your expansive work.”
Katharine Clarke, Psychologist, NSW

“I just want to say an enormous THANKYOU to the entire team. These past 4 days have engaged me in a way that no previous PD has done. Totally exceeded my expectations. I have thoroughly enjoyed the content and the transformational information. I look forward to meeting you all in person when I attend the CPAT although I have to say that I am holding out until I can be a part of the healthy adults trial. This session has been the most enlightening, mind-opening and deeply introspective of the conference. Thank you to all the speakers.”
Linda Welsh, Clinical Psychologist, WA

“Mind blowing, goose bumping, tear inducing in the best possible way!”
Casey Harvey, Counsellor, NSW

“Wonderfully put together for such a large-scale online event. Today, and yesterday, just flowed beautifully. Well done!”
Jillian Bethwaite, Northern Sydney Cancer Centre, Research Nurse, NSW

“The International Summit filled all my expectations and more. The world-renowned speakers opened their hearts creating spiritual connections beyond every geographical and cultural barrier. The conference spread spores of hope for a better world, here and now. Thank you, Mind Medicine Australia for your work and perfect organization of this incredible event. Sharing all my love.”
Maurizio Romano, Psychotherapist, VIC

“I hope you’re all waking up today just soaking in what was the most illuminating and heart-warming Summit. It was incredibly impactful, moving and just so full of hope! What you are trying to achieve is mind-blowing. Carving out a supported pathway for the suffering of so many to find a way out from being stuck in a broken system with crippling poor mental health. Anyway, I just really wanted to thank you so much. You have made an incredible difference to me, bought hope back into my life … it’s hope that has been so incredibly healing.”
Dan May, Disability Support Pensioner, WA

“Very blown away by the seminar, just love what you guys are doing and where you are heading and all the people you either have on board or working with! The session this morning was nothing short of outstanding!”
John Lee, Retired, QLD

“Huge thanks to MMA and all the fantastic presenters and everyone who attended. The morning session about shamans with Wade Davis, Gabor Mate and Alberto Villoldo was brilliant. So inspiring to sit with these three Masters. One of the many highlights in a truly inspiring, educational, hopeful and uplifting 4 days!”
Daria Levy, Retired, NSW

“Wow! What an inspiration to be involved in this. Thank you to every amazing speaker who shared their wisdom, compassion and experience. And to MMA, Tania & Peter, for all that went in to making this happen. You are incredible!!”
Rebecca Walker, Provisional Psychologist, NSW

“Enormous gratitude. A personal note: thanks to your generosity in providing an additional ticket, I was able to invite my 24-year-old son to his first ever conference. Mind successfully blown. Meditating to my old friend Ram Dass with my son (and his deceased father’s spirit) was truly joyful. Profound thanks for 4 days of wonderment!”
Angela Reeve, Relationships Australia, Industrial Designer, VIC

“Inspiring on personal and professional levels with lots of love emanating from the whole conference!”
Dr Julian Charles, Psychiatrist, VIC

“I am in full admiration at the quality and variety in the program… the quality and variety of the speakers, both as researchers and seemingly thoughtful and ethical people, speak for themselves…is the proof that this new field of inquiry is of immense value.”
Dr Frederique Bentley, Verrix, Director, NT

“Everyone at MMA must have iron constitutions. You have put on an amazing Summit and workshop across 4 days and your energy and passion didn’t waiver for a moment. Incredible people.”
Dr Lachland McPhail, JusticeHealth and Forensic Mental Health Network, NSW

“Fantastic summit!! So much wonderful work being done in this space, and they are all very good at communicating what they are doing. Inspiring, enlightening, makes me more hopeful for the future of mental health and maintaining optimal health in this Country and worldwide. In general, I am more hopeful now that Australia can catch up with the rest of the world at some point.”
Petra Henderson, Royal Melbourne Hospital, Psychiatric Nurse, VIC

“If it could be this good online, imagine being together en masse! I look forward to joining a CPAT NSW next year.”
Dr David Gaskell, Director, NSW

“I am transformed! I had no idea of the scope of Psychedelic medicines for treatment not just for mental health but also for End of Life Cancer care, neurodegenerative diseases – Alzheimers, Parkinson’s and maybe even used as prophylaxis for these diseases /microdosing.”
Dr Vivienne Taylor, Ibuki Health, GP, QLD

“With mental health such a huge and growing problem, the Psychedelic Summit and the work of MMA it is refreshing and truly inspiring. Rather than resigning people to years of a lifetime of medications that may manage the problem, the Summit and your work brings ancient wisdom and modern medicine together to empower individuals, to break through those issues but remarkably, goes on to help those people fulfil their true potential in life. Thank you for organising such an amazing program. The speakers were incredible, the sessions were terrific, the breakout groups also wonderful. Well done, thanks and look forward to supporting Mind Medicine Australia and all that it stands for, in any way I can.”
Dr Ron Ehrlich, Founder/CEO Holistic Health Institute, NSW

“I was fortunate enough to attend this summit and it was extremely eye opening, informative, innovative and forward thinking. All those involved showed passion, dedication and great levels of education in a field that is much needed and has lacked research over the past few decades. This is very much the future of treatments for mental health and wellbeing.”
Tarek Abouelkheir, Researcher, NZ

“These past 4 days have engaged me in a way that no previous PD has done. Totally exceeded my expectations. I have thoroughly enjoyed the content and the transformational information. I am so darn excited by all this……it’s inspiring and life changing, and I want to be a part of it… This whole summit has been exceptional…kudos to the MMA team.”
Linda Welsh, Researcher, NZ

“Best session so far! Very important information and insights shared and extremely refreshing to hear what was shared by these legends! What Gabor said about expanding our vision of what makes “good” science into the realms of human experience, therefore holding the anecdote at high regard. The western paradigm needs to shift and maybe it is now, but at a snail pace. This field is not and will never be constrained to the conventional medical realm. No knowledge held hostage for profit. Exclusion and pay walls should not hinder peoples access to these medicines, EVER.”
Jaynaya D’Esterre (Atkins), Founder, VIC

“This session made me cry multiple times from being so moved. Thank you.”
Carmen Colley, Social Worker, VIC

“Bill, you have touched the essence of my soul with inspiration and with the love and acceptance you exert.”
Ellen Green, Sole Trader, VIC

“Superstars! All of you. Our profession and the world need so many more beings like you. Bloody brilliant. So grateful you are working in this space. I loved the diversity in thought and MMA’s brilliance of bringing the varying guests/interest groups together over both days. Very unique and clever approach. Peter and Tania, your passion and strategic approach has been outstanding and I’m so grateful to have participated. You have re-ignited my fire for my work which had just about extinguished! Thank you!”
Maria Tzoumacas, Psychologist, NSW

“Deepest appreciation to all in sharing your wisdom and medicine, I was deeply moved and inspired, thank you so much. It has given me great pleasure and privilege to listen, learn and become aware of this movement that MMA has created and is moving forward with for the future of Psychedelic- Assisted Therapies for people with Mental Illness. I see the big picture and vision you have and I would love to be an advocate. I am going to take steps to become eligible to attain the Certificate in Psychedelic-Assisted Therapies and ground in the professionalism around psychedelic use for therapeutic benefits.”
Vicki Henderson, Counsellor, QLD

“I did not think it was possible to feel so connected via zoom but you people are incredible and I look forward to meeting you all next year in person.”
Kate Kifa, Company Co-founder, Ukraine

“What a beautiful meditation and discussion! Thank you so much! Deep respect and gratitude, dear speakers!”
Rachel Frost, Alternative Therapist, ACT

“I have tears rolling down my cheeks, what an incredible transmission of wisdom, thank you!”
Dr Jack Springer, Emergency Medicine, NSW

“Thank you, Alberto, your beauty is evident in the light around you. Thank you”
Eriko Kinoshita, Art Therapist, NSW

“Gave me psyche and soma opening experience by hearing all of you this morning…”
Stephen Sutton, Counselling Psychologist, NSW

“This is what “connection” looks and feels like!!!!”
Sean Mayne, Medical Practitioner, QLD

“This whole summit has been exceptional…kudos to the MMA team

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